Kristang Language Festival ('Festa di Papia Kristang')
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Kristang is the critically-endangered heritage language of the Portuguese-Eurasian community in Singapore, with less than 100 elderly fluent speakers today. The 1st Kristang Language Festival aims to raise the profile and limited awareness of the vibrant Portuguese-Eurasian community in Singapore. We're bringing together people from different ethnic groups, backgrounds, age groups, and identities though an exciting line up of events during the first ever Kristang Language Festival. Open to all!

Ki baleh?
Nus sa Adanza.

What's it worth?
Our Inheritance.

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Date: 20–21 May 2017 (Sat–Sun)
Venue: Asian Civilisations Museum

  • 7 Jun 2017

    REGISTRATION CLOSING TODAY, Wednesday, June 7, for Kodrah Kristang 1A 07/17 due to massive demand! Teng bong tudu! We are pleased t... read more REGISTRATION CLOSING TODAY, Wednesday, June 7, for Kodrah Kristang 1A 07/17 due to massive demand! Teng bong tudu! We are pleased to announce that there has been a staggering amount of demand for our new Kodrah Kristang 1A 07/17 class on Wednesdays! With almost all available places already gone in just 48 hours, registration for Kodrah Kristang 1A 07/17 will close today, Wednesday, June 7, at 11:59pm. If you intend to sign up for this class and have not done so, you must register by today. The registration process is once again outlined below. You must include all requested details for your registration to be confirmed. Kodrah Kristang 1A 07/17 Dates: July 5 to September 20 (10 sessions, no class on July 26 and August 9) Timing: Wednesdays, 7.30-9.30pm (2 hours) Venue: National Library Building, 100 Victoria St Cost: Free Prerequisites: None How to Register for this class Send an email to / reply to this email with the details below. (Note: signups with missing details will not be processed!) 1. Your name. 2. Your WhatsAppable contact number. We will add you to the class WhatsApp group. (Type NA if you don't have WhatsApp). 3. Any learning or physical disabilities you'd like us to make provisions for. 4. Your projected attendance for the 10 sessions. You must list the session dates individually (see below), and indicate your attendance for each date (please do not write "able to attend all sessions"). You must attend at least 7 out of 10 sessions of Kodrah Kristang 1A to be admitted to Kodrah Kristang 1B; we will not accept registrations with less than 7 sessions projected attendance. The 10 sessions are: Session 1: Wednesday, July 5 Session 2: Wednesday, July 12 Session 3: Wednesday, July 19 Session 4: Wednesday, August 2 Session 5: Wednesday, August 16 Session 6: Wednesday, August 23 Session 7: Wednesday, August 30 Session 8: Wednesday, September 6 Session 9: Wednesday, September 13 Session 10: Wednesday, September 20 If you have sent all of these details to us with the requirements listed above, you will receive a confirmation email informing you that you have successfully registered! Any signups for either Kodrah Kristang 1A 06/17 (Tuesday nights) or Kodrah Kristang 1A 07/17 (Wednesday nights) after 11.59pm tonight, Wednesday, June 7 will be placed on a waiting list. We look forward to seeing you in class on July 5! Sperah tudu fikah bong-bong! show less